Canadian West Coast Voyages by Boutique Ship


Foodies, Fisherman, Wildlife Enthusiasts, Photographers, and Adventures welcome!

Self-discovery as part of the journey

There's something for everyone on each Remote West Coast Adventures Charter.

Reawaken your appreciation for life, connection, and adventure in whichever way that presents itself to you. Whether you are seeking a deeper understanding of wildlife, an exciting fishing catch, a beautiful sunset photo, or a meal shared with close family & friends, you will find it all on your unique voyage.



Canada’s west coast is abundant with wildlife. From the small creatures residing within tidal pools to the powerful giants roaming the waters and land, there are plenty of exciting moments and encounters to enjoy.

  • Grizzly, brown and black bears
  • Humpback whales and orcas (killer whales)
  • Pacific white-sided dolphins and porpoises
  • Sea lions and harbour seals
  • Bald eagles, blue herons and osprey.

Culinary Experiences

Any visit to the West Coast is the chance to savour the fresh BC grown ingredients. Enjoy delicious meals prepared daily by our onboard chef, including fresh baked goods with coffee and tea. Meals are enjoyed family-style or can be served individually.

  • Local farm-fresh ingredients and baked goods
  • Daily brewed coffee by local roasters
  • Selection of British Columbia’s natural wines.

Additionally, many of the destinations we visit are home to renowned restaurants, farms and wineries that guests can visit for culinary tours and tasting experiences.



The West Coast is a photographer's paradise. Capture dramatic fjords, awe-inspiring landscapes, flowing waterfalls, tall mountain peaks, rare wildlife, ocean sunsets, and more on your voyage.

  • Wildlife and coastal scenery
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Waterfront village landscapes
  • The intricacies of the Union Jack.

First Nations Art and Culture

We acknowledge that our charters take place on the traditional territories of BC’s Indigenous Peoples, and we ensure that we have the appropriate permissions to tour the significant cultural sites we visit.

As one of four operating principles, we are committed to the sharing of BC’s cultures. As a result, each guest will have the opportunity to learn about local First Nation cultures and histories.



BC has long earned a reputation for its amazing fishing opportunities. Onboard we have fishing rods, crab and prawn traps for those who want to hook an exciting catch, along with crab and prawn traps. Some of the fish that can be caught include:

  • Pacific salmon: Chinook, Pink, Sockeye, Coho, and Chum
  • Halibut
  • Other saltwater fish: lingcod and rockfish.

For those who seeking an all-day fishing adventure, we can also arrange a professional fishing charter to take your group out for a specialized trip.


Kayaks and Bicycles

Our goal with any charter is to make sure guests have ample opportunities for many experiences, both on the water and on shore. We recommend grabbing one of our kayaks or e-bikes and go exploring! Our onboard activities include:

  • 4 Elgin kayaks
  • Cove kayaking maps
  • 4 e-bikes for island cruising
  • Island bicycle and hiking route maps.

Featured Destinations

Learn about some of the remote destinations you can visit on a private charter.

Year-Round Destination

Southern Gulf Islands

Journey through the wild and diverse Southern Gulf Islands. Explore the region’s blend of coastal life and rugged landscape.

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Recommended June to October

Desolation Sound

Surrounded by islands with idyllic coves and inlets, Desolation Sound is a forested paradise for boating enthusiasts to immerse themselves in.

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Recommended June to October

Inside Passage

The Southern Inside Passage is home to rich marine life waiting to be explored within this calm protected region.

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