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Southern Gulf Islands

Island Hop Through B.C.'s Famous Southern Gulf Islands

Hidden Treasures, Local Guides, Stunning Views

The Southern Gulf Islands are treasure troves of culture, art, and natural beauty. Found within the Salish Sea, each island radiates a unique and welcoming atmosphere where residents have embraced the tranquility of coastal life.

Spend your days island-hopping as we visit each island's top attractions. Here you will find picturesque seaside communities with welcoming galleries, world-renowned farmers markets, artisan shops, a locavore foodie scene, and craft breweries. This region acts a muse for the creative spirit.

Through the establishment of protected areas, you can explore each island's unique landscape as you hike, bike and kayak protected areas. You will discover quaint coves and inlets, sandy beaches and parks, and panoramic viewpoints. You can witness the wildlife that roams its water passageways, ecological reserves and pristine island conditions. Whales, seals, sea lions, and marine birds can all be seen frolicking along the bays and enjoying the warm Mediterranean-like climate.

Destination Highlights

Learn more about some of the Southern Gulf Island's top destinations. Call us today for availability or more information.


Salt Spring Island

  • The largest of the Gulf Islands, Salt Spring has been vacation spot since the 1930s, attracting artisans from the mainland
  • Salt Spring is home to the picturesque communities of Fulford and Ganges Harbours
  • Discover the long history of various agri-tourism with farms, cafes and wineries
  • Explore countless galleries and shops selling handmade cheeses, clothing, jewelry and more.

North & South Pender Island

  • North and Southern Pender Islands are two separate areas divided by a man-made canal
  • These islands feature rolling farmland and hills, freshwater lakes and many beaches
  • Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking and diving activities all along the island
  • Within charming coves exist marinas where boating enthusiasts gather to socialize.

Galiano Island

  • Galiano Island features vast mountains and forests and is named after the Spanish explorer Dionisio Alcalá Galiano, who explored the West Coast in 1792.
  • Stroll along the white shell beaches of Montague Harbour beach, a spectacular place to view the setting sun
  • Boasting oceanfront trails and provincial parks, this islands’ undeveloped atmosphere is the perfect way to escape from the crowds
  • Explore Sturdies Bay where many of galleries, bakeries, and artisan shops are located.

Saturna Island

  • Saturna is one of the more rugged islands with almost half of its land mass being protected by the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and is home to only a small number of residents
  • Historic sites and trails such as the East Point Lighthouse offer sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean
  • Nearby Tumbo Island is a popular spot to see groups of sea lions and other marine life sunbathing on the rocky shore
  • Discover the tidal pools along the shore of Russell Reef.


Every Saturday between April to October is the famous Salt Spring Island Farmers’ Market where local businesses and artisans gather to display their products, attracting visitors from all over Canada. Or discover Salt Spring’s agriculture scene with a culinary or farm tour. Conclude your day with a visit to the Salt Spring Island Golf Course.

Spend a relaxing day at the Pender Island Golf & Country Club or head to the Poet's Cove Resort & Spa for a tranquil afternoon by the water. Finish you visit with a tour or tasting session at the award-winning Sea Star Vineyards or learning about local history at the Pender Island museum.

Visit the Galiano Golf Course on the "jewel of the Gulf Islands," before heading to the Galiano Inn & Spa for a waterfront dining experience.

*Activities and attractions listed in section may not be included in the cost of the charter.

Trip Logistics

Travelling through the Southern Gulf Island region allows our guests to experience the famous coastal lifestyle.

We recommend beginning any tour of this region in Sidney or Victoria on Vancouver Island. Most guests spend at least 4-5 days in this area.

For guests planning to spend additional time in the destinations listed above or elsewhere during their time in BC, we are happy to provide recommendations regarding accommodation, dining, and attractions.

What's Included

All Remote West Coast Adventures charters include:

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  • Desired number of nights accommodation aboard the Union Jack
  • A personalized menu featuring gourmet breakfasts, lunches, dinners along with snacks and coffee served in between
  • Use of onboard recreational equipment
  • Waterproof gear and excess luggage storage

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